Lisboa E-Nova

Lisboa E-Nova – Energy and Environment Agency of Lisbon is a private non-profit association whose purpose is to promote the sustainable development of Lisbon and its metropolitan area.

To make Lisbon climate neutral by 2030, able to react to the climate emergency, ensuring sustainability and the inclusion, security, and resilience of its citizens.

With its experience and technical expertise, Lisboa E-Nova intends to be the catalyst of the city’s transformation to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

To fulfill the vision and meet the ambition, Lisboa E-Nova will lead by example in the energy transition not only on a metropolitan scale (since many of the systems and technical areas in which the agency works are not limited to the municipality’s borders as is the case of mobility and circular systems – water, food, and waste), but also on a national and European scale, in line with the objectives of the 100 Smart and Climate Neutral Cities Mission.


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