Artistic Intervention


It means to explain in detail, to communicate, using scaffolding symbolically. The installation surrounded the fountain of the staircase of Calçada do Cascão, aims to be a new meeting point.

Old construction scaffolding and leftovers of outdoors canvas were used for the realization of the terrace. The reused material took the form of pieces of clothing merging the aesthetic concept of the artists with the theme of sustainability. The objective was to encourage the collection and sharing of second-hand clothes, reducing production and the impact of the textile industry.

Highlighting the typical mark of several cities, and with a particular strong presence in historic neighborhoods of Lisbon, such as São Vicente has, symbolically, was also established a link between the terrace and the surrounding buildings with stainless cable drying rack for clothes, as a natural method for drying clothes in opposition to other technological and energy consuming solutions.


The wish to extend the ideas co-created in the terrace to the rest of the intervention area, streets and alleys that surrounds Calçada do Cascão, as well as a giant clothesline of the clothes designed by the artistic intervention, using reused materials. This clothesline served as aesthetic inspiration and community training regarding the importance of reusing textiles and other materials.


It was an opportunity to the community express in an creative way, changings that they consider important in the public space, such as a handrail to support the elders and a basketball basket to answer to the youngsters dreams. The participatory process was carried out with the use of tissue waste to indicate the location and representation of the equipment they would like to have in their neighborhood.


It means a probable, expected result, namely in the use of art as an important tool for environmental awareness. This activity was the artistic epilogue of the whole initiative, materialized with the painting of a mural on the façade of a vacant building, representing the interior of a sustainable housing.

SÃO VICENTE CÁ FORA: Various testimonies, Video zetgallery.