LOCATIONS was mostly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) within the scope of INTERREG-Mediterranean. The consortium comprises over 20 organisations and institutions in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Albania. Seven port cities were also involved in it: Lisbon, Malaga, Ravenna, Trieste, Rijeka, Zadar and Durres.

The project aimed at supporting cities with ports that receive cruise ships, by drawing up Low Carbon Mobility and Transport Plans with measures (people and logistics) geared towards mitigating the impact of cruise ship tourism, contributing towards decongesting the city’s traffic and reducing local pollution and CO2 emissions. Lisboa E-Nova was the coordinating entity of the work group responsible for capitalising the LOCATIONS (Low-carbon Transport in Cruise Destination Cities) project. Until October 2019, the consortium supported the local authorities in creating mobility plans linked to the operations and services of passenger ships and drew up proposals for specific measures that optimise port loading and offloading operations. Lisbon is one of the first cities to have such a plan, drawn up by Lisboa E-Nova and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.

During the course of the LOCATIONS project, modular packages of adaptable proposals were developed, capable of addressing the specific needs of each of the port cities involved in the project. The measures adopted focused on reducing environmental impacts, alleviating traffic congestion in urban areas, and decreasing pollution. Changing individual behaviors was another objective of the consortium: passengers and travelers were encouraged to adopt behaviors that would contribute to improving the quality of life in the cities.

The full capitalization phase of LOCATIONS began after July 2018, the completion date of the development, testing, and evaluation of transportation and greenhouse gas emission reduction plans.

The efforts coordinated by Lisboa E-Nova aimed to prepare viable procedures and financing mechanisms for the implementation of the plans developed and to support the capitalization and replication of eleven new transportation plans in regions and countries not initially included in the project’s initial phase.

Video presentation of the project results.

International Video Competition – “Locations – how can we fight climate change?”

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