UP2030 – Urban Planning and design ready for 2030

UP2030 aims to support cities towards energy and climate transition through studies, actions and initiatives shared between communities, stakeholders, and local administrations.

The active and inclusive participation of communities is considered vital in this process, namely, to ensure that their real needs are properly considered and reflected in the vision created for the city. This is the only way to ensure fairness and equity in the energy and climate transition.

The approach developed by the project partners will be tested and validated in the civil parish of Alvalade in Lisbon through a set of interventions, based on natural-based solutions, which will focus on diverse local facilities, such as schools, sports complexes, and libraries.

The project is led at European level by FRAUNHOFER and has the participation of 45 partners, including, the Lisboa E-Nova, Lisbon City Council and the National Civil Engineering Laboratory.


Horizonte Europa

janeiro 2023

3 Years

12 416 873,00€


Portuguese Partners