B-WaterSmart – Accelerating Water Smartness in Coastal Europe

Due to economic and population growth the water sector in coastal areas faces several challenges such as scarcity and increasing demand. This can lead to overexploitation of resources, deterioration in quality and regional imbalances in the availability of water resources.

To address these challenges, the B-WaterSmart project aims to accelerate the transformation to water-smart economies and societies in coastal Europe and beyond by reducing the use of freshwater resources, improving the recovery and reuse of resources, and increase water use efficiency.

Large-scale systemic innovation approaches will be applied in the project to select, connect and demonstrate customized technology, management and IoT solutions for multiple end users and sectors, as well as to create new circular economy-based business models.

The project, which has 36 partners and six cities and regions as living labs, including Lisbon, is coordinated by IWW (Germany).

Lisboa E-Nova participates in B-WaterSmart as linked third party of CML, and the national consortium counts additionally with Adene, Lnec, Águas do Tejo e Atlântico, baseform and ICS-UL.

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september 2020


48 meses


14.975.184 €

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